Wednesday, September 1, 2010

11. The White Man's Yan Yan

If you happen to have ethnic ties to any number of the different species of human beings deriving from East or South East Asia, or you like to do your shopping at your local Asian grocer, then chances are you have eaten or heard of the "Yan Yan" snack pack. I don't know too much about where it comes from (Japan or China maybe), but when I was a kid, it was the coolest thing around.. even cooler than the time I made a tree house when I was 7, consisting of a plank of wood wedged between the branches of a mango tree effectively creating a seat in a tree.

So anyway, Yan Yan, you compliment my taste buds with chocolate, strawberry, vanilla even, but I'm afraid to say that the white man has finally found a way to end your reign of dominance on the delicious cracker and chocolate dip market you once had.




  1. omfg!!! is that shit for real???? i neeeeeeed one. but i still love yan yans for life

  2. it is real! i even looked it up to see if it's in Australia, but sadly not yet :/