Tuesday, July 27, 2010

7. Commitment: His curse.

I know someone who hates being committed. He also hates that he's reluctant to be committed to anything past the loyalty he gives to his family and friends.

He used to think it was a blessing. He has the freedom to explore the world, live life at his own pace, be however and whoever he wants to be, meet new people, sleep with new people, work different jobs; but it's all at a cost.

He's single and quite possibly will never be married or have children, both of which he wanted to have achieved. Career-wise he may never find exactly what he truly wants to do because he will always fear that there may be that little bit something better around the corner that he's preventing himself from discovering or achieving.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

6. Sharktopus

If the trailer is anything to go on, "Sharktopus" potentially could be the 'shittest' movie since Dragonball Evolution. A movie seemingly about an Octopus-Shark hybrid creature that threatens beach goers (mainly women in bikinis and men on boats), is set to be released to enthusiastic B-Grade horror movie fans this year sometime.

5. "Autobots! Woll out!" - Chinese Optimus Prime in Beijing

Awesome Optimus Prime robot made out of 10,108 recycled car parts, standing 32 feet high. Megatron, leader of the Decepticons, criticised the creation, stating it was "bias, pointless and ugly"....jealous much?

Saturday, July 17, 2010

4. When urban myths aren't cool

A Chinese-Bruneian once advised me to eat monkey soup to cure my headache, I told him I think some paracetamol will do the trick just fine.

According to some, ground tiger penis and ground rhino horn are aphrodisiacs and cure erectile dysfunction. To this day these claims still remain unproven by any respectable scientific organisation (correct me if I'm wrong). The only real effect these myths have are on the animal population. There is a reason Tigers, Rhino's and other animals are on the brink of extinction and a large part of that reason is therapeutic myths.

3. Test your Awareness

Very cool... even if the failed results shattered my dream of becoming a ninja.

There are other awareness test videos out there, check em out.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

2. Frog Cakes

Winter sucks. It does because of what you are required to wear in winter. I don't want to have to put on track pants, socks, shoes, t-shirt then a sweater and in some cases a jacket on top of all that just so I can DRIVE 200 meters down the road to buy lunch and some groceries; I'm a guy and the journey isn't worthy of the effort it takes just to rummage through my pile of shit (clothes) scattered around my room. Screw it, next time i'm wearing t-shirt, trackies and thongs and if anyone asks me "aren't you cold" I'm gonna stab them with the frozen booger icicle hanging from my nose.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

1: Keeping Grounded

For the past year, maybe even the past 2 years I have almost systematically complained about my job and where I'm at in my life now compared to where I once envisioned myself to be 5 years prior .

I work in IT (computer stuff), in an office, 8-9 hours a day everyday.
If it's not the long fluorescent lights that resemble tanning bed lamps glaring at me for 8 hours a day sucking away at the lifespan of my eyes, then it's the two 19-inch monitors that sit half a meter away from my face that will ensure eyeball death at an early age.

I try my best to make my desk feel as 'homely' as possible. Two little smiling Buddha figures, a Batman yoyo, Batman mug, a handmade candle and a stone I picked up from somewhere just aren't doing it for me anymore. Even the colourful Robotech figurine pisses me off with his same pose day in day out. This is place gets to you.

Maybe it was the fact that I hadn't taken a holiday anywhere in 2 years that contributed to the build up of all the bullshit that comes out of a negative office environment in a town already filled with negative people. I love Adelaide, but seriously this place is a breeding ground of human beings with a cynical outlook on practically every aspect of living; and the sucky thing about it is, overtime no matter how much you try to resist the urge to be forever sarcastic and snide, the shit still tends to rub off on you.

So off to the tropics, back to the land of my birth I go, away from an Australian winter and straight into a warmer environment in every sense of the word. It doesn't take long for me to remember how hard people have it there and how privileged I am to not only have legal permission to live and work in Australia but to have a secure job that pays me in one month the equivalent to six to eight months salary for some of my friends.

Three years working in the office almost squashed any of the creativity left in me and I lost sight of that vision I once had for myself. One month back to my roots, was all it took to remind me again on how I used to be, and how I appreciated the real things in life. Fuck the superficial Australian dream that suggests you buy a piece of shit three bedroom house for four hundred thousand Australian dollars. Why would I sentence the better part of my life locked into working whatever job pays the constant debt that I'll have for the next 24 years. Some people can be happy with that, I can't.. at least not yet.