Wednesday, July 21, 2010

6. Sharktopus

If the trailer is anything to go on, "Sharktopus" potentially could be the 'shittest' movie since Dragonball Evolution. A movie seemingly about an Octopus-Shark hybrid creature that threatens beach goers (mainly women in bikinis and men on boats), is set to be released to enthusiastic B-Grade horror movie fans this year sometime.

Apart from one scene in the trailer where an unsuspecting bungee jumper gets snatched out of the sky as she free falls, most of the CGI is borderline Playstation-1 style graphics. However, having said all that, there is something about the crappy-ness of this movie that makes me want to see it. Maybe there is a future in B-Grade movies after all.


  1. hahaha they should produce a funny movie instead. I was laughing my heart out seeing the final part of the video.

  2. haha i know right, it's almost a comedy already. That last bit was my favourite bit too lol