Tuesday, July 27, 2010

7. Commitment: His curse.

I know someone who hates being committed. He also hates that he's reluctant to be committed to anything past the loyalty he gives to his family and friends.

He used to think it was a blessing. He has the freedom to explore the world, live life at his own pace, be however and whoever he wants to be, meet new people, sleep with new people, work different jobs; but it's all at a cost.

He's single and quite possibly will never be married or have children, both of which he wanted to have achieved. Career-wise he may never find exactly what he truly wants to do because he will always fear that there may be that little bit something better around the corner that he's preventing himself from discovering or achieving.

He wasn't always like this though, he used to be younger, wilder, with less commitment than he has now; but when it  came down to it, he feared nothing. He had no thoughts of future regret and what he may be losing or giving up. If he decided on doing something that was it, he did it, end of story;  if it worked out, then great and if it didn't work out....well, that wasn't an option at the time.

He dislikes the majority opinion that people have to  grow up, and that it usually involves becoming boring, thinking way too much about the consequences, planning out a future that hasn't even happened rather than concentrating on his present. Then again, he has to think about the future, doesn't he?

"Live everyday like it's your last". What a great outlook to have on life, right?. Live everyday as if tomorrow will never come; but who actually lives like this? I know that if I thought tomorrow wasn't coming I wouldn't go to work, I would go spend time with the people I love, have great carefree sex, try to cram all the things I always wanted to do into one day. Really it's just some dreamy bullshit made up to make people like him forget the very possible reality that at his current rate of carelessness, when  he is old and grey he will have nothing. No house, no family, just memories, and good memories too.

Screw what they told him, life isn't black and white and therefore he shouldn't base his outlook on black and white ideals and quotes. He knows the life he chose, he knows what he gave up and what he will have to give up, but he is a risk taker at heart and for a while something was scaring him into forgetting that. So as long as he can maintain his cool and see things for what they are while staying committed to his decisions yet flexible with his approach, he will be just fine.