Sunday, August 8, 2010

8. You can find me NOT in the club... at least not as much.

I'm over it, I'm over going out to a nightclub either once a week or once a fortnight and spending $150 bucks on alcohol that's just going to leave me feeling like shit for the next day or two. I miss the days where I actually woke up on a Sunday morning feeling fact i miss the days where i actually woke up in the morning on a Sunday. The $150+ a week spent on clubbing and relatively pointless bopping to music that i largely don't listen to at home anyway, would benefit me so much more if it was going to something that doesn't decrease the lifespan of my liver by a few years and and rot my vocal chords till i'm sounding like the fucking Marlborough man on a bad day.

So no, you will not find me in a bar, or a club, pissing the night away anymore....well at least that's what the parched throated angry man inside me is saying.

P.S. oh and happy birthday to my boy Jay - whose mad birthday outing is the reason i'm feeling like dirt today.

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